The unknown road ahead!

The date is March 14th, 2016. Early morning hours (1.30 am).

A feeling of uneasiness is now slowly starting to creep in. Is it the right thing to do? Is this the right decision? And there are so many questions in my mind right now that any attempt to make things right is unsuccessful. I don’t have the momentum by my side. And obviously all this is leading to panic internally. This is all that I have signed up for or should I?

Am I being delusional or all this will eventually be of good use? Lot of questions I have in my mind. Self doubt is definitely creeping in at this point of time.

But also moments like these means opportunities. Times like these bring out greatness among people. Situations like these make people look deep within them and realise what they are worth.

After all at the end, all we have is hope. Enjoy the road ahead!

PS : A day before I put in my papers.




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