The TUI Conundrum!!!

Understanding the issue, developing the road-map & executing those ideas are totally different things. It has been couple of months now to be fair. I have now graduated from looking clueless, to finding out the problem, to suggesting the solution. But I have been far off the path of its implementation. It is the fact and true achievement is in the execution that brings out the results. Not just fancy emails and processes. It is about the work that is done. Frankly after all of the daily tasks for all of the other accounts, the importance of execution gets lost. More importantly the present gets lost and today becomes just another day and the never-ending cycle of procrastination starts.

To be really be able to excel in work execution is the key. Because at the end of the day results are all that matters. Yes the process, the path they all matters but they all count to nothing if you can’t show up the results. Now today I have an account which is on the verge of the dipping performance. If there is any more important time wrt to the account it is now!

What is the current situation-

  • Have paused 2 of the top 3 campaigns (domestic) that happens to generate around leads 75-80 per month more or less.
  • Due to this the account performance have taken a dip, the daily leads have dropped from around 25-26 leads to 10-12 leads.
  • This leads drop is accompanied with heavy increase in the CPL.
  • On the display front, the account has not been performing well since the start of the month and it has been a drag.

Possible way out-

  • On the display account start running the re-marketing campaign.
  • Try out the new campaign structure for a few campaigns (Like Dubai etc)
  • Brand campaign may not work but adding new keywords will surely help
  • New ad copies- very specific messaging.
  • Making some of the changes at the keyword level.

Results- (Will update on this at the end of the week)


PS- Will keep on updating this post.


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