Striking the Work-Life Balance


The year is 2014. This is the second year of work. What are my achievements? I have obviously understood the complex world of digital media marketing. At least I am on the correct road and going forward steadily. What needs to be done are couple of things at work-

  • Finish up your task- Each day at a time
  • Learn something new each day

The mantra for home would be-

  • Feel good about yourself
  • Buy clothes, shoes, Jackets. Have your own style
  • Sleep early – Get up early
  • Go to gym – Aim at a number and achieve it!
  • Be creative and interesting in terms of your day (more on this later)
  • Write every day – one thing that I haven’t been doing

Each day should be something different and interesting like Mondays are Game of Thrones day. It is interesting and I look forward to it. Yes sometime I forget but still we all see it together. It has become an event of sorts. It is the time when all of my housemates are together, away from their laptops and the clutches of the internet and we all sit together and have fun. It is a definitely good feeling. So if we can’t make all days new and interesting while being spontaneously, we can definitely try to be disciplined enough to make a routine and follow it. It will be worth a shot. Obviously it will be more interesting than doing nothing and wasting time on social media. So let’s thing on the options we have. Monday’s are definitely GoTs. Other

Other things that I can do are – Read about photography (but can’t do it on each week) it would become boring. I could watch a particular TV series or a particular day could be the documentary day. One day could be study day or maybe the English day. Or play guitar some particular days. Maybe more on this later.



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