Law of Averages

What a sucky day it is today. Everything opposite happened to what I had imagined. I thought it will be a day when everyone congratulates me for the awesome analysis that i had done. But it was not to be. And it is sad when people are doing such shitty work and are getting congratulated while here some amazing piece of work is being ignored.

What my observations is that when you have all this expectations, everything turn out to be completely opposite. 1 day turns out to be good and then the next day is for sure bad. This maybe the law of averages at work here. But it never goes like what you have imagined. Also good days doesn’t come together in a bundle. They are less in number than the bad days.

So how to break the law? And let each day be awesome?

1. Lower your expectations

2. Do some useful stuffs like – getting up early in the morning, eating breakfast, sleeping early.

3. Help someone in need and feel good about yourself.

4. Do somethings that make you believe that your life is on the right track. It could be as small as going on a walk alone and talking to your self and reassuring yourself that everything is going to be okay.

6. Listen to songs. Flow with the music. Let is touch your soul.

7. Discover new songs, stumble upon some very old ones. Such small things make your day.

8. Do atleast 1 thing in a day that you do it for yourself.

9. At the end of the day, it is all a state of mind and being happy is a choice that you have chosen.

It may or may not work. Even I am in such a age where I am more confused because I have so many options. And that creates so much frustration. Anyway, I will also try these things and tell you if they works or not. Or if I could try these out. But it is now your turn to try!



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