The unknown road ahead!

The date is March 14th, 2016. Early morning hours (1.30 am).

A feeling of uneasiness is now slowly starting to creep in. Is it the right thing to do? Is this the right decision? And there are so many questions in my mind right now that any attempt to make things right is unsuccessful. I don’t have the momentum by my side. And obviously all this is leading to panic internally. This is all that I have signed up for or should I?

Am I being delusional or all this will eventually be of good use? Lot of questions I have in my mind. Self doubt is definitely creeping in at this point of time.

But also moments like these means opportunities. Times like these bring out greatness among people. Situations like these make people look deep within them and realise what they are worth.

After all at the end, all we have is hope. Enjoy the road ahead!

PS : A day before I put in my papers.




The TUI Conundrum!!!

Understanding the issue, developing the road-map & executing those ideas are totally different things. It has been couple of months now to be fair. I have now graduated from looking clueless, to finding out the problem, to suggesting the solution. But I have been far off the path of its implementation. It is the fact and true achievement is in the execution that brings out the results. Not just fancy emails and processes. It is about the work that is done. Frankly after all of the daily tasks for all of the other accounts, the importance of execution gets lost. More importantly the present gets lost and today becomes just another day and the never-ending cycle of procrastination starts.

To be really be able to excel in work execution is the key. Because at the end of the day results are all that matters. Yes the process, the path they all matters but they all count to nothing if you can’t show up the results. Now today I have an account which is on the verge of the dipping performance. If there is any more important time wrt to the account it is now!

What is the current situation-

  • Have paused 2 of the top 3 campaigns (domestic) that happens to generate around leads 75-80 per month more or less.
  • Due to this the account performance have taken a dip, the daily leads have dropped from around 25-26 leads to 10-12 leads.
  • This leads drop is accompanied with heavy increase in the CPL.
  • On the display front, the account has not been performing well since the start of the month and it has been a drag.

Possible way out-

  • On the display account start running the re-marketing campaign.
  • Try out the new campaign structure for a few campaigns (Like Dubai etc)
  • Brand campaign may not work but adding new keywords will surely help
  • New ad copies- very specific messaging.
  • Making some of the changes at the keyword level.

Results- (Will update on this at the end of the week)


PS- Will keep on updating this post.

Striking the Work-Life Balance


The year is 2014. This is the second year of work. What are my achievements? I have obviously understood the complex world of digital media marketing. At least I am on the correct road and going forward steadily. What needs to be done are couple of things at work-

  • Finish up your task- Each day at a time
  • Learn something new each day

The mantra for home would be-

  • Feel good about yourself
  • Buy clothes, shoes, Jackets. Have your own style
  • Sleep early – Get up early
  • Go to gym – Aim at a number and achieve it!
  • Be creative and interesting in terms of your day (more on this later)
  • Write every day – one thing that I haven’t been doing

Each day should be something different and interesting like Mondays are Game of Thrones day. It is interesting and I look forward to it. Yes sometime I forget but still we all see it together. It has become an event of sorts. It is the time when all of my housemates are together, away from their laptops and the clutches of the internet and we all sit together and have fun. It is a definitely good feeling. So if we can’t make all days new and interesting while being spontaneously, we can definitely try to be disciplined enough to make a routine and follow it. It will be worth a shot. Obviously it will be more interesting than doing nothing and wasting time on social media. So let’s thing on the options we have. Monday’s are definitely GoTs. Other

Other things that I can do are – Read about photography (but can’t do it on each week) it would become boring. I could watch a particular TV series or a particular day could be the documentary day. One day could be study day or maybe the English day. Or play guitar some particular days. Maybe more on this later.


Law of Averages

What a sucky day it is today. Everything opposite happened to what I had imagined. I thought it will be a day when everyone congratulates me for the awesome analysis that i had done. But it was not to be. And it is sad when people are doing such shitty work and are getting congratulated while here some amazing piece of work is being ignored.

What my observations is that when you have all this expectations, everything turn out to be completely opposite. 1 day turns out to be good and then the next day is for sure bad. This maybe the law of averages at work here. But it never goes like what you have imagined. Also good days doesn’t come together in a bundle. They are less in number than the bad days.

So how to break the law? And let each day be awesome?

1. Lower your expectations

2. Do some useful stuffs like – getting up early in the morning, eating breakfast, sleeping early.

3. Help someone in need and feel good about yourself.

4. Do somethings that make you believe that your life is on the right track. It could be as small as going on a walk alone and talking to your self and reassuring yourself that everything is going to be okay.

6. Listen to songs. Flow with the music. Let is touch your soul.

7. Discover new songs, stumble upon some very old ones. Such small things make your day.

8. Do atleast 1 thing in a day that you do it for yourself.

9. At the end of the day, it is all a state of mind and being happy is a choice that you have chosen.

It may or may not work. Even I am in such a age where I am more confused because I have so many options. And that creates so much frustration. Anyway, I will also try these things and tell you if they works or not. Or if I could try these out. But it is now your turn to try!


Being a potato or so…


Whats really in a name.  The fact is that no body gives a shit, or wait maybe they do, maybe its the first impression thing whatever you call it. But this goes for for expression of thoughts than anything else.

Anyways this was one of the things that I wanted to do for such a long time. To write a blog, maybe 2014 will be the year for it. So lets begin…

PS: This is a test post…so you won’t see this for long. Here something that you may enjoy!!!